The Weekly Gem List V.2

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6.92-carat pear-shaped yellow, pink and white diamond ring. Offered by Designs by M.J.S.


Easter’s is on my mind. Our eggs are boiled and dyed, the Easter Bunny tracker is on, and my son’s Easter basket is filled to the brim with every Easter candy possible. I’m set and ready for Sunday! If you have some down town this weekend, you can take a second and read our Weekly Gem List.

Create: Easter Egg Dyeing Ideas

Dyeing Easter eggs is one of my all time favorite traditions for this day of celebration and every year I am inspired to be a little more creative. This year I opted for a marbled effect using oil and vinegar and with the help from a messy (almost) 4 year old, they turned out pretty good. If want a bit more inspiration check out the one and only Martha Stewart who always out does herself in this department.

Watch: Fabergé: A Life of Its Own

As a young girl, I became obsessed with Russian history especially everything during the Romanov Era. I guess you could blame it on my love of the movie, Dr.Zhivago which I watched at least a dozen times.  One name that became synonymous with the Romanov family was that of Carl Faberge.  Faberge was a world renowned jeweler who created the most amazingly beautiful and intricate bejeweled creations for the Imperial family. Seeing his collection of Faberge Eggs is a must on my Bucket List; but since this may not happen anytime soon, I will take the second best thing and watch the above video.

Experience: Pink Moon Energy

Did you all get to see the Pink Moon this past week? I had good intentions of watching it at its fullest but sleep took precedent for me that night. If you also missed it then you need to wait for the next one in 2018. In the meantime, you can still read all about this phenomenon and the changes it can bring to your life, like heightened awareness and new adventures. Sounds good to me!

Drink: Peach Jalapeno Margarita

For those of you who know me, you know that I love me some spice! The hotter the better, I say! Add my love of cocktails with this and you have the perfect combination that has my name written all over it. This Peach Jalapeno Margarita is on my radar and one that I will be enjoying in the near future.

Learn: A Study of Diamonds

We all know that diamonds are beautiful and one of the most cherished stones in the jewelry industry. Besides its face value beauty there is so much more to diamonds than meets the eye.  1stDibs has an excellent article that covers everything you need to know about these sparklers and you will definitely come away with a better understanding of what makes diamonds so unique.

Enjoy your weekend!




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