Finding Inspiration


I was recently asked the question, “Where do you find your inspiration?”  For jewelry designers, inspiration comes in many forms; but for me it is rooted in the places, people and events that make an impact on my life, both large and small.
By far, travel is my largest source of inspiration and something that my soul craves. Whether its exploring new cities, playing on tropical beaches or adventuring out in our local area, I am taking in everything around me…the scenery, the colors, the architecture, the designs, the people, the fashion and style, the vibe. And all of it becomes a melting pot of inspiration.
As nice as it would be to travel all the time, that is not the reality of my life as a mom to a toddler. The reality is our days consist of parks, school and playdates. And as simple as these may sound, there is still endless inspiration here as well. I can find inspiration in the bright blue ice cream dripping down my son’s arm on ice cream days or the colorful butterfly that I see flitting across the park or even the sassy style of another toddler in her sparkly dress and pink tutu. I take it all in and file it away as inspiration.
And sometimes inspiration finds me. The above moodboard is an example of this. When I began this collage I had no definitive idea in mind but was drawn to different colors, textures and interesting shapes that I found in magazines. After putting the images together, I realized that my collage reminded me of the beautiful sunsets here in Southern California.
And this was the inspiration I needed to create my latest collection, Sunset
Filled with bright pink tourmalines, sapphires, and champagne diamonds;  paired along with the warm tones of 18K rosegold, this collection came to life on it’s own. I think it’s pretty amazing!  Our Sunset Cuff (below) will be a staple in this collection. 
Sunset Cuff in 18K Rose Gold
I am curious where do you find your inspiration? 


xo~ Jenn






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