Signs of Spring & Traditions

flower-truckTraditions became even more important to me a few years ago after the birth of my son. And I feel like each new season is a great opportunity to create and instill new traditions into our family.

With the onset of Spring a few days and with pen in hand, I was inspired to create a Spring 2017 Seasonal Bucket List of Traditions.  My list includes activities, adventures and experiences that I would love to do and have my son remember as our DeMoro Family Traditions. I am excited about getting started!

  1. Plan a picnic
  2. Go on a wildflower hike
  3. Berrypicking….a must!
  4. Winery visit
  5. Egg decorating and Egg Hunt
  6. San Diego Zoo Trip
  7. Feed the ducks
  8. Go fishing
  9. Plant some seeds
  10. Hatch butterflies
  11. Build a birdfeeder
  12. Bike rides on the beach trail
  13. First Annual Spring Fling BBQ

Stay tuned…

xx Jennifer

cc: image via Heather Payne Photography via 100 Layer Cake

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